Lucky Things was created by good pals and designers Grace, Victoria and Amalia as a way for us to explore more sustainable ways of making beautiful homewares.

We want to challenge the mass-manufactured unsustainable homewares culture through the use of recycled and minimal impact materials and production.

We started with the Plant Pin because we were sick of the common ugly wirey trellis or ramshackling together alternatives to support our growing plants. While plants are small, trellises are on full display, so we wanted to create one that could double as an artful feature. Our Plant Pins are handmade in Melbourne from 100% recycled plastic.

Making our Plant Pin

We worked with Precious Plastics Melbourne to turn our Plant Pin design into a mould which would be filled with melted down recycled plastic. As always, doing things differently takes a bit of extra time and care. Each Plant Pin is made individually, by hand.