• Each Plant Pin is made of 30 used, plastic bottle lids. These bottle lids are ground up into granules, melted down and squished into our beautiful Plant Pins! Think of it as an alternative recycling system.

  • Our Plant Pins have been designed carefully by us and then each is individually made right here in Melbourne, Australia. How many things do you own that are actually made in Melbourne?
  • Carbon miles are small. Made here, designed here and shipped here.

  • Plant Pins are made of recycled HDPE plastic. Which can be recycled all over again in your kerbside recycling bin. Our Plant Pins are robust and designed to last, but every object has a lifespan. Remember that you can recycle your Plant Pin after it's long, useful life.

  • What's HDPE you say? HDPE is an acronym for High Density Polyethylene. High Density Polyethylene is a polyethylene thermoplastic made from petroleum. HDPE is made under controlled conditions by applying intense heat to petroleum. This process, also known as “cracking,” helps create ethylene gas. During its production, the gas molecules will attach to form polymers, which then produce polyethylene.



Less is more, always. We're designers and think about every single part of the packaging process and how what we create will effect the ecosystem, we cleverly design our packaging so less resources have to be used to get your products to you.

1 - Postage cardboard is minimal and wrapped around the product to protect it enough to ship - nothing more, nothing less.

2 - Our packing tape is recyclable - Our tape can be discarded in a regular household recycling bin or will break down if composted.

3 - Our stickers and the release liners are both compostable and kerbside recyclable.

4 - All our printed material is designed down to to the millimetre to make sure there is no waste at all. We carefully design every label and thank you note to only be as big as is functionally needs to be, and make sure we can fit them all onto standard paper sizes (FSC approved, of course) saving unnecessary use of paper.